Strictly Joe Calzaghe rescues George Cross hero from call centre post


New challenge: Strictly Come Dancing star Joe Calzaghe has given a job to the soldier who ended up working in a call centre

‘I’ve got cancer and this is a wig,’ I told my soldier hero Mike Lockett when I first met him. He shrugged, grinned and said: ‘You’re still hot…’

It was the night before her hair was due to be shaved off and, instead of feeling sorry for herself, Belinda English had a party in a Belfast pub. She sported a long, blonde wig that resembled her own locks before they began to fall out.

She wanted to celebrate her impending baldness, make a joke of it, rather than have people pity her. The following day, her mother would remove what remained of her hair with an electric razor.

I’ve been betrayed by this Government, says Iraq War hero who won George Cross but now works in a call centre

Chris Finney with his George Cross

Shining example: Chris Finney after being decorated with the George Cross at Buckingham Palace in February 2004

The youngest soldier to win the George Cross has criticised Gordon Brown for ‘betraying’ the Armed Forces and revealed he now works in a call centre, selling insurance.

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