Audrey Gillan

‘If you cop it, can we have your radio?’

The note from the Newspaper Publishers Association said: “Women war correspondents: the MoD advised that the marines and the 16 Air Assault Brigade wished not to have women.” It came as a shock. After months of rigorous training, fretting over kit, getting fit and steeling myself for war, I was told…


Lost babies, found babies 

Chen Jianyi is 17 months old. She has spent all but the first few weeks of her life in an orphanage in Shanghai. But Chen Jianyi is not an orphan. Somewhere in China, the parents of this little girl with fine, dark hair, fair skin and black eyes are most probably alive. No one except her mother will really know…


From Aleppo to Paisley: the battle to make refugees feel welcome in Scotland

When a group of Syrian families arrived in Paisley this month, some locals came out and hugged them, but others posted racist abuse online – and stuck to their guns when exposed by the local press. So is there a problem in Paisley or across the country? And if so, what’s the best way to take it on?