Eat: Barbados

The fish is enormous, shimmering yellow and green, its big head almost comical. “This is dolphin,” says Leo Beckles, waiting for a look of horror to cross my face. But while I’m not able to identify this amazing specimen as mahi mahi (or dolphinfish), I do know that eating dolphin on the islands of the Caribbean is not something to get your knickers in a twist over. It’s obviously not that kind of dolphin.

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A Firm Hand

Chris has to attend a programme for perpetrators of domestic abuse. But, worse than that, he's been barred from Old Firm games. His wife is optimistic for the future but will the lure of the match prove too strong?

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Audrey GillanBBC Radio, Radio
Bring up the bodies

The rain pours down relentlessly, and the woman walking her dog over a grassy brow brings a tartan umbrella closer to her head. The border collie is off the lead and has no care for the glowering sky, running through shrubbery and into a wooded copse. When she returns there’s a bone between her teeth, one she’s refusing to let go. The woman calls the police.

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Audrey GillanThe Times, Scotland
Eat: Bordeaux

The cellars in this region of southwest French aren’t just full of the world’s most-coveted wines — at surprisingly reasonable prices — they also brim with unpasteurised cheeses, while other gastronomic specialities include oysters, custard cakes and, for the brave, the Bordelaise classic: stewed lamprey

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