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Bring up the bodies

The rain pours down relentlessly, and the woman walking her dog over a grassy brow brings a tartan umbrella closer to her head. The border collie is off the lead and has no care for the glowering sky, running through shrubbery and into a wooded copse. When she returns there’s a bone between her teeth, one she’s refusing to let go. The woman calls the police.

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Audrey GillanThe Times, Scotland
Inside justice: Glasgow Heritable Court

The business that takes place in Glasgow’s Heritable Court building becomes pretty clear as soon as you look at the sign on the wall outside the doors. It says Eviction Helpdesk and offers legal advice for those who are about to have their cases called before this hearing, which sits every Tuesday in the city’s sheriff court.

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Audrey GillanScotland
For hard-up voters, it’s about local issues – if they vote at all

The computers were broken, but the glass in the monitors remained in one piece and the keyboards’ soft clicking left the children delighted as they stabbed at the letters with their fingers. Inside a bin shed on Glasgow’s Easterhouse estate, the seven children were making the best of the remorselessly grey day and the sparseness of playthings in this back court, turning it into their “office”.

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